design of hydraulic systems

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Design and planning

hydraulic systems design

A team of skilful designers will analyze your specific needs and will develop a custom-made plant assuring the highest standards of functioning and reliability.

Starting with a goal in mind

General Fluidi bases a significant portion of its competitiveness in Research & Development. The objective is to meet the challenge of the global market by aiming to provide customers with a highly technical product and personalized service, impossible to find elsewhere.

The company's growth is therefore based on a broad concept of quality as the result of constant investment in technology, equipment and training. Project development is a strategic factor for General Fluidi so it can always guarantee full service and high-performance, while working with the conviction that each goal reached should always be considered as a new starting point.

Designing, Customizing and Budgeting

The designing service offered by General Fluidi aims at providing clients with a wholly personalized, designed to achieve the best ratio between performance and cost of the machinery.

General Fluidi is committed to making the most efficient machine cycles from a hydraulic point of view and bases decisions from mechanical movements to choices in materials almost exclusively on the specific needs of the project. This allows the company to minimize waste and create an effective and accessible product.

Testing, assistance, safety

General Fluidi considers itself a well-rounded partner. Each product goes through in-house testing and, if necessary, in the field where it is being used. General Fluidi is capable of offering this pre-launch service in Italy or abroad to ensure reliable results for all projects General Fluidi always provides clients with the necessary certifications and manuals (in nine [9] different languages) in case of any further post-personalized sales assistance.