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Wash and wear fabric

wash and wear clothes


A new engaging project, especially for textile market, is the one developed by General Fluidi and Lafer. It’s a plant for a special denim and cotton fabrics treatment, so they don’t need to be ironed. The garnments made with these treated fabrics can be worn just after being washed and dryed. The CEO of Lafer, knowing the credit and the experience of the company, asked General Fluidi to project and produce the plant's hydraulic power station. The continuous plant, measuring 2 mt in lenght, allows the treatment of cloths that are immersed in barrels where they are vacuum-processed. General Fluidi’s power station allows the positioning of the rollers permitting the watertight and the opening and closing of the barrels. The treatment is very simple, because it consist in soaking the cloths in liquid ammonia, process allowing the fabric not to be ironed. The ammonia is normally found in gaseous state: to turn it to liquid, it needs to be  brought to -33° C; soaking fabrics into this liquid makes them forever free from wrinkles. This treatment permits to denim and cotton fabrics to stay forever “no-iron” cloths, because it has an effect on the fabric’s cellulose fibres, switching from cellulose-1 to cellulose-3; in this way, we have denim and cotton for garnments “wash and wear”.