design of hydraulic systems

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Our history

In 1962, Alfredo Tiburli founded General Fluidi in Padua. The components that were produced were used to build bridges, roads, houses and machinery for industrial development living up to the extraordinary development that Italy was experiencing. In the 1960’s and 70’s, General Fluidi became competitive in several areas, primarily in the industrial, construction and agricultural sectors.

The 80’s, instead, represented a turning point. The company grew, moved to a new headquarters and invented an innovative vibrating tube sheet for the production of concrete. The result was a new-founded ambition to "custom" design unique products that continues to be one of General Fluidi’s biggest strengths today.

The following decade was spent strengthening this directive and laid the groundwork for the significant international collaborations that would set the company apart in the twenty-first century.

Investment in research and staff has made a real difference and is apparent in the grade of projects acquired and the sustainability of the systems designed.

General Fluidi manufactured components critical to the operation of the MO.SE system, the widening of the Panama Canal, the ecological heating system for Manchester Hospital and the Royal Stables of the Queen Elizabeth II.

The loyalty to its home territory never fails, however. In 2010, General Fluidi played a key role in the "Rialto Project “ aimed at saving, and thereby preserving, Venetian palaces from rising water levels.

Today, the company is active on many large-scale projects and continues to seriously invest in the development of their technological and human resources- the most effective way to ensure clients a custom, quality product.