design of hydraulic systems

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General Fluidi, solutions for the art

“When I design I ask my self: why do not try to force materials to them streght limitations? Why do not force to the limits the materials features getting out of them the unforseen in the form of shape and sound?”

With these words the artist from Vicenza Arcangelo Sassolino describes his artistic moment, when he can create an artwork with a piece of wood and steel, and with that to communicate a message and to excite.

An art form that find in General Fluidi the best ally, because Arcangelo Sassolino is not an ordinary sculptor, its artworks are “alive”, dynamic and they move. Wood, strings and others typical objects form a construction site (as for example the mechanical spider) come to life thanks to the hydraulic systems developed from General Fluidi, to change and push to the limits the materials resistance they meet, creating a state of tention that is physical and metaphorical at the same time.

The artworks of Arcangelo Sassolino are often site specific and interact with the architecture around them, putting the viewer in the middle of a heartbreaking and revealing silence, broke only by the noise of the materials stressed out by the mechanical system created.