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DIGITAL proportional directional valves

Digital proportional valves are a complete, modular and flexible line of valves for the control of flow, pressure and direction associated with proper electronic drivers and axis controllers.

Digital electronic controls are designed and extensively tested in advanced electrohydraulic applications.

The range is complete with interchangeable spools with progressive characteristics, linear, differential and for various sizes.

The advantages of digital are remarkable, here  the most significant:

·         Efficient use of modern machines with proportional control;

·         Modular and flexible structure, even in the on-board valve versions;

·         Two different functions: proportional valve driver and / or control board for axles for cars and high-performance systems;

·         Integration with fieldbus networks: CANopen, PROFIBUS DP, EtherCAT, POWERLINK etc .;

·         Easy and complete programmability and setting of the operating parameters;

·         Excellent performance for response times, hysteresis, repeatability;

·         Speed ​​and data processing power, high noise immunity, ability to store parameters and process data.

Download the attachments for all the characteristics and technical details.