design of hydraulic systems

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Pressure gauges for all non-corrosive fluids at temperatures between -20 and +80 °C, compatible with copper and its alloys (always indicate the utilized fluid). Precision amplifer movement in brass. Dial in stove-enamelled aluminium.

Pressure gauge parts: 
  • Bourdon tube in copper alloy for pressure ratings from -1 to 40 bar;
  • Spiral tube in copper alloy for pressure ratings from 50 to 1,000 bar; 
  • Welds in tin alloy;
  • Protection degree Ip 65.
Particularly sturdy, used for plumbing systems, pumps, compressors, machine tools, high pressure water cleaners, refrigerating systems.
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The isolator needle valves (in line) are normally used to protect the pressure gauge since they have the double function of dampening pressure surge during opening and of isolating the pressure gauge entirely. Pressed in high-resistance steel, protected by an accurate treatment, subjected to strict tests, they ensure reliability and long life.
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