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OK LUB II - Electropump for Grease and Oil Lubrication Multi-Lines Plants 


The OKLUBII series electric pumps are characterized by compactness and great versatility.

They can be used for fixed or mobile plants such as earth moving machines, agricultural machines, chains and gears, for motor vehicles, etc.

They can supply up to 3 lines, with a maximum pressure of 200 bar limited by a safety valve integrated in the piston. This series of electric pumps is particularly suitable for feeding progressive type distributors in grease or oil lubrication systems with continuous or intermittent operation.



 Download OKLUB II datasheet



Electric Pump FB Series - Electropump for Grease and Oil Lubrication Multi-Lines Plants


The pumps FB series are characterized by their robustness and reliability.

They have the possibility of feeding multiple lines, up to 24, high pressure (350 bar), with individually adjustable delivery.



Download Pumps FB series datasheet



Flow Indicators 7040 Series


Flow switches and flow meters, generally known as flow indicators, are used for the visual and electrical regulation, measurement and control of the flow rate of a pressurized liquid (max 15 bar).



Download Flow Indicators 7040 Series datasheet