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History and Identity

hydraulic system manufacturer


General Fluidi is fond of every project and develops high-quality hydraulic systems thanks to a team of professionals, because: “without hearth, we are only machines” (W. Shakespeare).

General Fluidi was established in 1962 and has since stood as the premier hydraulic servicer in Northeastern Italy due to its extensive distribution of hydraulic products for the mechanical engineering industry.

Over the decades, thanks to a flexible and state-of-the-art oriented mission, the company has acquired considerable know-how in the design and manufacture of cylinders and hydraulic power units appropriate for both industrial and mobile machinery.

In order to realize highly customized solutions for clients, a relationship based on customer input and feedback is crucial to complying with their needs and requirements.

The goal is simple: to provide a high quality product at the lowest possible cost.

General Fluidi believes that this goal can only be reached through continuous investment in research, technology and staff training that allowed General Fluidi to carve out a leading role at the international level, weaving solid and lasting relationships.




  •  Years of experience in hydraulics.
  •  Developing and testing projects for improved installment and products ready for distribution.
  •  Intervention strategies and experimentation with well defined short-term objectives.
  • In-depth study of intervention and the needs of the client, to ensure the highest performance and effectiveness of all installations.
  • Selecting quality materials and components.


From Veneto to the World

We provide concrete benefits to the market needs. Our territory is our starting point, our partners are our point of arrival. We are willing to meet your needs with our professionalism.

We have deep roots in our region but our outlook is towards the rest of the world as a natural extension of our way of living, thinking and acting. Founded in Padua, Italy, in the years during the economic boom, General Fluidi grew up in a highly dynamic and productive environment. Like a legacy past down from previous generations, innovation has been an integral part of our corporate identity, and is now a key agent in our dealing with the complexity of the global market.
br> Thanks to this spirit, General Fluidi has become a partner in many major projects at the international level, bringing the quality of Made in Italy to the rest of the world.