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Power units

Small hydro power plant with underwater engine

The essential feature of the CMI compact power unit is the placement of the motor-pump set completely plunged in the oil inside the shell. This implementation gives some benefits compared with the standard small hydro power plant with an external electrical engine: compact overall dimensions. High exploitation rate of the power engine, coming from the oil cooling capability, from the high heat rejection due to the material (aluminium) the shell is made of and from the absence of the cooling fan. Noise limit reduction due to the effect of the oil.  Maximum running time S2.

The standard power installed are available in powers from 1,5 Kw to 14 l/min. This small hydro power plant is particularly appropriate for locking systems (ex tools machines). The small hydro power series CMI is addressed to hydromatic servo motors. Installation activities, maintenance and starting up must be done from competent personnel. The small hydro power plant do not fulfill the security requirements.