design of hydraulic systems

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An accumulator is a conteiner which is used to accumulate energy in the form of liquid under pressure ( thanks to compressed gas ) with the purpose of return it fast at the time wanted.

It presents differents applications like:

Accumulation of energy : used to multiply the delivery capacity and the power compared to the values of the motor pump

Damping of oscillations, balance of forces used to compensate the pressure oscillations due to the operations of the machine                                                                               

Absorption of the aries' blow used to damp pressure peaks generated by an abrupt opening or closing valves

Compensation of the expansions used for absorb the volume increases due to the thermal expansion in piping or locked utilities, or else accidental movements of utilities subject to external forces

Reinstatement of lost volumes used to restore the volumes of liquid lost by the leakage within utilities or valves

Pressure maintenance used for the pressure maintenance in certain branches of the circuit even when the pump stops

Emergency command used to intervene in case of dysfunction of the motor pump unit ( like brakes and locking systems )

Energy recovery: used to recover large energy slices in systems characterized by systematic braking phases