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Renewal of Italian Legality Rating

renewal legality rating general fluidi

Fifty-five years of honest working have been again rewarded: General Fluidi, 2 years ago, was the first hydraulic systems company who recieved the “legality rating”, an official certificate released to those who work in a very legal and correct way.

The Italian Antitrust Authority confered to General Fluidi the Renewal of Italian Legality Rating.

Our market is hard and very often it is influenced by unfair or irregular behaviours: the certificate we gained highlights the integrity of our way to be and work.

The “legality rating” is a special certificate released by the italian Antitrust Authority. It is a system of ethic evaluation created to promote and reward honest and correct behaviours in the ruling of italian companies. To obtain this certificate it is necessary to answer to specific requirements such as legal company condition and legal condition of the key managers.

“I have always thought that honesty and integrity pay, and by my side this behaviour is a lifestyle in private and professional. Now this honesty has been rewarded, underlined and certified. This makes us proud and highlights once again how General Fluidi and its staff must be considered under every point of view a reliable partner in a background, as we know, very often opaque”  Andrea Tiburli, CEO General Fluidi.

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