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Hydraulic system for tobacco press


hydraulic system for tobacco press




Stroke 5300 mm
We are pleased to present a new hydraulic system for a tobacco compacting press.

Thanks to the raw material, which has a large volume before pressing, the main cylinder used performs a stroke of about 5 meters. The cylinder, designed and manufactured by us, has been designed to meet the particular needs of the application, 100% customized.

In order to execute the stroke quickly and satisfy the high production cycles required, pumps have been installed for a total flow rate of over 1400 lt/min.

With a simple system that we have already applied several times, excluding or progressively adding the flow rates, we are able to manage acceleration and deceleration ramps.
We would like to underline that the system and the cylinders work with a special biodegradable fluid with high flame point.

If you are interested in our green solutions that respect the environment, please consult the dedicated section.


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