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Fluidpower and art

“When I design I ask my self: why do not try to force materials to them streght limitations? Why do not force to the limits the materials features getting out of them the unforseen in the form of shape and sound?”

With these words the artist from Vicenza Arcangelo Sassolino describes his artistic moment, when he can create an artwork with a piece of wood and steel, and with that to communicate a message and to excite.

An art form that find in General Fluidi the best ally, because Arcangelo Sassolino is not an ordinary sculptor, its artworks are “alive”, dynamic and they move. Wood, strings and others typical objects form a construction site (as for example the mechanical spider) come to life thanks to the hydraulic systems developed from General Fluidi, to change and push to the limits the materials resistance they meet, creating a state of tention that is physical and metaphorical at the same time.

The artworks of Arcangelo Sassolino are often site specific and interact with the architecture around them, putting the viewer in the middle of a heartbreaking and revealing silence, broke only by the noise of the materials stressed out by the mechanical system created.

Arcangelo Sassolino

Arcangelo Sassolino is born in vicenza in 1967. He creates artworks mainly about the interaction between strenght and heterogenous material, often made from industry. Student at the College of Engineering in Padova, Sassolino also attends the Visual Arts School of New York.

He looked after many monographic exhibitions, some of them in Milan, Verona, Zurich, Berlin and Paris, all in prestigious cultural contest. In 2011 He realized "Piccolo Animismo" for the Contemporary Art Museum of Rome (MACRO), while in 2012 He takes part to the Zurich Art Festival "Art and the City". Very many collective exhibitions, many of them in the major cultural centres of the world.


“Figurante 2010”

"Figurante 2010" is the kinetics sculpture signed by Arcangelo Sassolino that draws near the cold materials like metal the bones and blood of an animal. The sculpture represents the head of a ferocious predator (recall a T-Rex) while he is crushing with his jaws an animal bone. The hydraulic system to whom it is connected enable to crush the bone to its maximum mechanical strenght, making the blood sink on the floor.

The sculpture gets straight to the spectators emotions, who assists "live" to the well known natural rule: the strongest presides over the weak.

Untitled 2007

From a base of wood that slowly breaks, Arcangelo Sassolino stages a life metaphor. The silence, the noise of the breaking wood, the slow but boundless decline of the material put under constant pressure, inject a feeling of disquiet in the spectator that stimulate the forethougt about the sense of life and the human limitation.


Untitled 2006

The mechanical spider of a digger comes to life. It is possible thanks to the hydraulic system developed from General Fluidi, that with an impredictable and fickle way makes the spider move, with shapes and directions always new, different and unexpected. The artwork of Arcangelo Sassolino, famous for its kinetics sculptures, has been showed at the Contemporary Art Exposition Arco in 2007.

The artwork teaches us to understand and accept the unpredictability of things: a lifeless object is generally accepted as it is, it comes to life and give us the opportunity to read it in a new and surprizing light.