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New business relations in Belarus

General Fluidi: Italy and Belarus are getting more closer thanks to the Hydroni Consortium.

HYDRONI is the union in the shape of consortium of specialized enterprises, partners, executing joint arrangements, which addressing on general tasks solution in the sphere of hydraulic and mechanical drive of branches of industry such as engineering, engineering tools and industrial machinery.

The consortium formula has proved to be reassuring for the potential Russian partners who can count on Italian origin and quality, but also on the technical, logistical and commercial support of Russian partners active in the territory.

Thanks to the partnership with Consorzio Hydroni, our company had the opportunity in 2015, at the CCT Moscow Trade Show, to move the first steps in a delicate reality such as that of commercial agreements with the Russian and Belarussian countries.

During the mission in Belarus last month, we have been able to consolidate the existing business relations and to acquire new ones thanks to our strong corporate commitment to training and updating our employees and developement of our products based on the most advanced technology.

We thank the  HYDRONI Consortium  for its excellent organization and support.