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Commercial mission in Angola

A new commercial mission in Angola, in collaboration with Promex.


From 1st of June to 5th of  June, General Fluidi took part to the commercial mission in Angola, participating to a series of events concerning the future partnerships and collaborations with some important local companies, excellently organized by Promex and ICE Italian Trade & Investment Agency Agency.
Angola is certainly one of the African countries with the greatest potential for development, thanks to the abundance of raw materials and the presence of one of the important logistic port in South-Saharan Africa.
Many European producers are already present in the Angolan territory, thanks to the strong Portuguese influence due to the it's colonial past, even if the particular economic / fiscal conditions currently does not help the import and export operations.
General Fluidi aims, as a result of the appreciation noted during the organized meetings, to increase its presence in the African continent following the successes already achieved with countries such as Egypt, Morocco and South Africa, through the promotion of the Made in Italy and thanks to the high level of skills, competences and certifications that the company can offer.
We thank Promex for the impeccable support.