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Division of flexible hoses and fittings

Supply of flexible hoses and fittings

Project development represents a strategic element for General Fluidi, in order to guarantee a complete and high-performing service: company growth is therefore based on a concept of quality, understood as the result of constant investments in technology, machinery and training.

The selection of the right combination of fittings and hoses generally represents the last phase of the design of a hydraulic system, the importance of which is often underrated. However, the correct combination of fittings and hoses is essential for the operation and for a longer service-life of the entire system.

General Fluidi wants to offer its customers affordable support and quality products (made in EU) even in this phase of construction / maintenance of its installation: with the purchase of a new pipe press, we can supply flexible hoses up to 2" and fittings in AIS / 316 stainless steel.



Quality and safety are two fundamental values for our company.

The issue of safety at work is very important to us and, in this regard, we want to inform you of the possibility of mounting the safety system for oleo dynamic systems, capable of guaranteeing the total safety of the operator in case of breakage of the pipes.


The retention system has been designed to stop the run of the extracted tube and prevent the force released inside it from triggering a terrible “whip impact”.

Thanks to this system, the flexible hose is anchored to the system by a steel cable, so it can ensure full protection, the security of components and PEOPLE.