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Export entry strategy in Oman

General Fluidi partecipated at the export entry strategy in Oman organized by Promex

General Fluidi, and other 6 Paduan companies, participated to the EXPORT ENTRY STRATEGY in Oman, an initiative organized by Promex in collaboration with the Ice Office of Mascate.

Oman, considered the Switzerland of the Persian Gulf, is one of the most stable countries in the area and, above all, the country with the highest performance in terms of socio-economic development over the last 40 years.
As like the other countries in this area, hydrocarbons (oil and natural gas) are the most important sector of the economy of the country. The government, however, is conducting an intense policy of diversification of the national economy based on the revival of specific sectors such as logistics, infrastructure, tourism and the petrochemical industry.
Important support received from S.E Giorgio Visetti, Italian Ambassador in Oman, whom we heartfelt thank.
Andrea Tiburli, CEO of General Fluidi, comments the experience in Oman:
"We continue to avail ourselves of Promex's support for the first contacts in the foreign markets thanks to their ability to make synergy with the local institutions, which is essential for expanding our business." General Fluidi has already started the bargaining for the supply of hydraulic components for the Oil & Gas sector."
We thank Promex and ICE for their excellent support.