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General Fluidi present at international agricultural fair in Morocco

General Fluids present at the twelfth edition of the INTERNATIONAL AGRICULTURAL FAIR in Meknes, Morocco.

With more than 1000 exhibitors from 50 countries and nearly one million visitors, SIAM has been the largest trade show in North Africa specializing in agricultural products and the agro-food industry.

In Morocco, the primary sector is an important item of the mediterranean country GDP (around 19% of total GDP), occupy 46% of the active population and is expanding, both for the enormous potential of the internal market and for the Increasing demand of moroccan products in Europe.

Government Policies want to develop the agri-food industry and strengthen its competitiveness through the modernization of the agricultural sector and the increase in productivity. 

As Guest of Honor for the 12th edition of SIAM, our country has had an extraordinary visibility in the context of the event.

General Fluidi has established important collaboration agreements thanks to the interest generated by the quality of our products and modern technology.

Following last year's mission coordinated by Promex, the expansion of General Fluidi continues in the markets of the Maghreb territory.