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Meeting with consul general of North Macedonia

New business opportunities for venetian companies: Andrea Tiburli, as president of UnionMeccanica Veneto, meets Stojan Vitanov, general console of the Republic of North Macedonia

On Wednesday 23 of October, the hq of Confapi Padova hosted a meeting with Stojan Vitanov,  Consul General of Republic of North Macedonia ,  and Mattia Carlin, Vice President of the Union of Honorary Consuls in Italy . To welcome them Andrea Tiburli, as President of Unionmeccanica Veneto and Davide D’Onofrio, Director of Confapi Padova.

Regarding the meeting, Andrea Tiburli sayed:
«Important development prospects are opening up for the small and medium-sized enterprises in Veneto, especially those which operate in the manufacturing sector. That of Northern Macedonia is a growing economy, interested in importing tools and technologies, in particular for agricultural use.
Among our tasks there is that of favoring the access of SMEs to foreign markets, identifying and proposing to the Confapi network new opportunities in the world and thus enhancing high quality Italian production. I am sure that important collaboration between the realities of our two countries will be develop."

The Republic of Northern Macedonia has an open economy, highly integrated into the international trade circuit. The most important sectors are agriculture and industry. One of the main features of the country's economy is the fiscal discipline that has kept the currency stable over a long period.