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Meeting with senator Roberta Toffanin

Italian bureaucracy's weight is "an old friend".

Economic recovery and bureaucracy, an italian antagonism

The weight of bureaucracy in Italy is an "old friend". We've learned to live with it, to juggle with skill. There were resources, patience, time. And this pulled handbrake, over time, has become normal.
But if until recently we were at the forefront as people, now we have to deal with the emergency as entrepreneurs. With limited resources, limited patience, limited time... and the same bureaucracy.
This mastodontic apparatus is no longer contemplated. If it used to harness businesses and discourage investors, today, it is an unsustainable ballast.
Companies and workers are adrift, abandoned between the anvil of bureaucracy and the hammer of the economic crisis, this is the macro topic discussed during the meeting with Senator Roberta Toffanin, in the Confapi Padua headquarters.
A pure awareness campaign on the simplification of bureaucratic procedures, conducted by Carlo Valerio, President of Confapi Padova, supported by Andrea Tiburli, as President of Unionmeccanica Veneto, and the Director Davide D'Onofrio.
Discussion also on investment support, competitiveness of the labour market and the initiatives undertaken by the Association to deal with the present situation.In this regard, Senator Toffanin has expressed admiration for the vitality of the category and has made herself available for a closer relationship with the territory.
The key, in the end, seems obvious to everyone: