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New flow dividers

New product available: flow dividers


Main features:

ACCURACY → A self-compensation system has been incorporated into the divider, which makes the division of the flow insensitive to the differences of pressures between the elements. All the components were redesigned to reduce constructive tolerances and obtain a greater uniformity between the elements.
MODULARITY  Each element is a single independent unit.
CONFIGURABILITY At each item it is possible to mount valves and modular commands CETOP NG6, ISO 4401-03-02-0-0.
EXPANDABILITY → Thanks to modularity and configurability it is possible to add or remove elements, valves and controls.
SIMPLICITY  → The individual assembled elements form a real compact manifold, simple to install. The MIA-FD divider is no longer just a simple flow or synchronizer divider, but is the basis for distributing and feeding with constant and independent flow rates the different branches of the circuits. The open architecture of the divider has been thought and designed to be enriched with functionality.