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Suction filters new catalog

General Fluidi: the catalogues of SUCTION FILTERS UFI - Sofima 2019 are available ONLINE. The new catalogues bring together the two different codes in order to simplify their management.

Suction filters are required for protection of the downstream hydraulic-pump from coarse contamination, mainly due to lack of initial cleaning or to an accidental ingression.
They take care of the pump, ensuring a safe and efficient operation.
The Suction Filters must be always properly sized to avoid cavitation of the pump.


Suction filters represent the “first-line” filtration and are used to:

  • Avoid the ingress of contamination into the hydraulic circuit;
  • Prolong the lifetime of finer downstream filtration;
  • Reduce the particulate-load on the finer filter, thus extending servicelife-intervals, unplanned downtime and maintenance;
  • Avoid damage to the finer downstream filter from coarse particulate, such as rust.

The overall consequence of effective “first-line” suction filtration is a reduction in the Kwh running costs of the hydraulic-pump.

General Fluidi is MASTER DEALER PLANET FILTERS, the Group to which belong
Sofima Hydraulic and UFI Hydraulic brands.