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Double acting telescopic cylinders

Production of double-act telescopic cylinders, designed for food sector machinery

The double-acting telescopic cylinders are designed for the food machines. Their characteristics have been studied to obtain a very long strokes and guarantee a smaller mechanical encumbrance.

During the production phase are used high quality materials which determines their reliability and durability.

Main characteristics:

  • Internally lapped and externally chromed cylinder tubes for better reliability and durability;
  • Bronze piston and bushing for less space and better guide;
  • All details are assembled without welding to facilitate control and maintenance operations;
  • Both oil ports are positioned on the rear flanged backplate in order to avoid unintended side encumbrances;
  • The bronze front head can fulfill the driving function and integrate with an anti-rotation system.

In addition to its excellent characteristics due to the high quality of the components and the Italian manufacture, our double-acting telescopic cylinders are more compatible in the food sector thanks to the use of the Plantohyd N, the biodegradable oil that doesn't contain mineral oils, sulfur, chlorine and nitrogen and doesn't produce toxic or dangerous elements.