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Oleodynamic units for vertical wind turbines

General Fluidi uses Plantohyd N, a natural-based fluid, which does not contain mineral oils, sulfur, chlorine and nitrogen, in order to improve the sustainability of its own installations, without giving up on high performances.

The vertical axis turbines have been conceived and engineered by eliminating numerous mechanical parts, that cause frequent maintenance requirements, and providing simple components to assemble, reducing installation costs.

Main characteristics:

  • SILENT, thanks to the construction’s simplicity and the absence of mechanical transmissions;
  • INDEPENDENT OF THE WIND DIRECTION: the vertical axis configuration allows the turbines to process air flows coming from all directions on the transversal plane, without these (in the presence of a change in wind direction) having to wait for the control organs of the yaw reposition them in front of the wind, as happens for the wind turbines with horizontal axis;
  • BIRD & BAT FRIENDLY: drastic reduction of collisions with birds and bats.

Our power plant was designed and built to manage the braking and locking system in the event of strong wind, while respecting the high standards of silence that characterize these turbines and guaranteeing total operation even in low wind conditions.

Soon, other news and projects for vertical axis wind turbines!