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Safety seals for hydraulic systems

GF makes special customized safety seals for hydraulic units

To protect its systems, General Fluidi has designed and made GF SAFE, special warranty seal personalized with the Company logo and marked with a unique number.
This is AN ORIGINAL SOLUTION, DESIGNED BY OUR TECHNICIANS, which aims to protect the integrity of the systems and their components from maintenance carried out by unskilled or not properly trained operators.
With the aid of GF SAFE warranty seals, especially on mini power pack hydraulic units, it will be possible to detect if manumission has occurred. The investment has been studied to safeguard our and our Customers interests from unjustified requests for warranty repairs or replacements.
Since our systems are now installed on machines exported all around the world, we take this opportunity to remark that, according to the law, our warranty obligations are ex works.

GF SAFE warranty seal number will be added and recorded on the inspection sheet and declaration.