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Saip products obtain EAC certification

General FluidI closer to the Russian market: the SAIP products, of which we are authorized dealers, get the EAC certification.

Saip is the brand with over 30 years of history, synonymous with reliability, efficiency and excellent quality in the production of hydropneumatic accumulators and pulsation dampers.

What is the EAC certification about?

EAC certification allows the export to the Eurasian Economic Union, a dynamic market that is growing rapidly (the third after the European and North American ones), made up of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.
The creation of the union has helped to ensure a standard quality level of production within this commercial area, simplifying access and distribution of products, eliminating complex taxes and procedures.
The EAC certification guarantees the established safety standards, regulations and standards of the union.

Constantly present in the market of the eurasian economic union

Know - how with the extreme temperatures: Our hydraulic system resistant to extreme atmospheric condition

General Fluidi has designed and built a special hydraulic system, suitable for working at VERY LOW TEMPERATURES, up to - 40 ° C.

General Fluidi is a member of the Russian Hydroni Consortium. The strategic alliance established allowed the export of our products to 27 Russian and Belorussian sectors.