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Stainless Steel accumulators and valves

GF designs and sells even hydraulic systems that make use of fluids other than oil.

The accumulators are installed on all the hydraulic and not-hydraulic circuits, in which incompressible fluids (generally oil) operates, subject to pressure variations.

In hydraulic circuits, these pressure oscillations can be induced by various factors such as valves actuation, load variations or simply incorrect operators actions. Since the oil is incompressible, sudden changes in pressure determine what in hydraulic is called "water hammer", with consequent impact on the entire circuit, causing damage or premature wear.
One of the accumulators' functions is therefore to keep regular as much as possible the pressures and oil flow rates circulating in the hydraulic system over time. They can also act as an energy reserve and help the pumps to optimize the functions of the hydraulic systems.
The use of the accumulators is directly connected to the presence of the valves,  indispensable in the management of fluids. The request of 316L stainless steel accumulators and the valves are increasing year after year.
General Fluidi also designs and supplies hydraulic systems that use fluids other than oil.