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General Fluidi, a starred company.. In legality

When being a medium sized business makes no difference in making a difference

Integrity upgrade: General Fluidi gets the second star of the legality rating

Satisfaction and a touch of pride. It's the sentiment of the GF team in reaching this important goal, the result of a 5-year long path, dedicated to make concrete, but above all, to formalize the legitimacy of our work.
A commitment carried out with constancy, coherence and determination. A commitment that today has led us to be one of the few realities - only 2414 companies have it - awarded with this recognition.
To stand out therefore. To be responsible and aware of our actions. To be loyal. Acting with integrity. Generate value. We like to think that the second star of the Rating of legality is nothing more than the extension of our consciousness, a further confirmation and consolidation of one of the pillars of General Fluidi ethics: HONESTY.