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General Fluidi and Domus Natura

General Fluidi has always been attentive to sustainability, working with one of the most interesting Venetian companies in the green building landscape: Domus Natura System

A new system for buildings lifting

The collaboration with this Vicenza-based company started a new system for handling delicate yet heavy loads.


During the implementation of the project "Modular Village", which involved the construction of eco-friendly mobile buildings for camping and tourist resorts, Domus Natura found the lack of suitable equipment for loading and unloading and so requested an intervention by General Fluidi.
General Fluidi designed and implemented a system that could handle, with extreme care and attention, the Domus Natura System’s mobile buildings that, both assembled and painted, weighed around 8000 kg as final products. This project, of course, required utmost precision and delicacy by the vehicles used during the intervention.


General Fluidi has been involved in projects for several reasons: for its experience gained from the Rialto Project in the lifting of special buildings, the high performance of installations created by their team and their focus on sustainability. General Fluidi used vegetal oil for years to fuel its plants because of its superiority to mineral oil that is still utilized by various players in the Italian market even though it is significantly less sustainable. Find out more about General Fluidi’s zero-impact collaborations in international projects like Queen Elizabeth’s King’s Troop or the restructuring of Manchester Hospital