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Manchester hospital heated environmentally

An international project for the construction of a biomass boiler at Manchester hospital. A collaboration between Uniconfort and General Fluidi.


After the intervention of the Royal Stables of Queen Elizabeth II, General Fluidi and Uniconfort returned to England with another innovative project: a biomass boiler for Manchester hospital. The boiler designed for the hospital works with the use of solid biomass that, through a process of combustion, heats designated areas allowing significant energy savings compared to other fuels. Obviously the decreased environmental impact of the whole structure is equally important and is the reason why it has become an example of sustainability and a destination for educational tours dedicated to ecology.
The new heating system has been a very positive change for Manchester hospital. The cuts in energy use can be attributed to the switch from   heavy furnace oil to biomass and the new wood chip fueled boilers that produce enough heat to warm the entire building due to their 5MW of power.


General Fluid has developed a hydraulic system that allows for fuel transfer from within the machinery, confirming the Italian ability to find effective solutions to reduce environmental costs. It is this know-how that has been cultivated over years of experience that has allowed two companies to become leaders of a prestigious international project in the Veneto region..