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General Fluidi and Muovers together for the first time

The merger between these two companies from Veneto bore a new handling system that can move any type of cargo inside of an industrial plant

General Fluidi and Mouvers have devised a new system for industrial transfer that can move any type of cargo inside industrial plants. The two Venetian companies achieved a fruitful collaboration that led to the creation of Apollo: an innovative system for the electronic handling of heavy and oversized goods. 


The handling system is composed of three trolleys with wheels that must be positioned below the element to be moved after it is raised a few centimeters from the ground. Once this step is completed it is necessary only to operate the machinery and direct the load where desired. Apollo is designed to lower the costs of travel and increase safety:

  • requires only one handling operator
  • easy to operate
  • produces no pollutant gas
  • the load only needs to be lifted a few inches for the transfer


General Fluidi created an innovative hydraulic system for the internal structure at Mouvers. The hydraulic plant was designed to use two types of electrical sources; by batteries, with accumulators inserted into the plant and through cables that directly absorbed current from the line. Apollo, a simple and effective solution for industrial handling. Check out other projects General Fluidi dedicated to the world of handling both of heavy and delicate structural elements such as "Project Rialto " and " Domus Nature."