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Project Rialto

The project finds its roots from the collaboration between General Fluidi and Soles s.p.a., is is about building a system for lifting Venice's structures of historical interest

The Rialto project comes from the partnership between General Fluidi and Soles S.p.A. and aims to solve the problems of subsidence and eustatism that provoke the gradual drowning of Venice’s buildings. The solution operates  with an hydraulic system, whose project is designed and realized by Mattioli S.p.A. and Soles S.p.A., merged in a new company, Consta S.p.A. General Fluidi works as partner, thanks to its recent solutions to improve the seismic response of buildings.  

Lifting the buildings, as suggested in the Rialto project, is indeed an effective way to isolate and improve the earthquake response of the constructions, inserting specific insulating devices on the foundations of the structure.

It’s a safer, cheaper and less intrusive option: plus, it keeps intact the load-bearing structures and the construction must not be emptied during the operations, keeping the bulding fully usable, also on the ground floor.

The sismic insulation devices are inserted without cutting any structural element in the whole building, but simply lifting them and inserting the insulation devices between two reinforced concrete plates, one connected to the foundations and one to the ground.

In these last months  the earthquake insulation is unhappily under limelight and General Fluidi is pleased to work together with a company proposing such innovations, able to give effective solutions to real problems.