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Queen Elizabeth's King's Troop

General Fluidi and Unicomfort, Padua-based companies, are united in a long-live and profitabile collaboration. The most recent project that the two companies realized together has been requested from the Queen Elizabeth II for the royal stables, the King's Troop. The Queen's team addressed to Unicomfort after hearing about the British Racing School plant, located in Suffolk, to replicate the project for the royal stables.

The plant made for the King's Troop, similar to the one for the british Racing School, consists of a boiler fed by the horses' hay, a typical project of Unicomfort, company that produces heating plants and boilers fed by solid biomass. General Fluidi was involved in designing and realizing the hydraulic components permitting to move the hay inside the plant. The result is a series of boilers feb by the horses' litters (straw, manure and sawdust) able to generate water at 95°, essential to heat the stables: it's the first plant in the whole world that recycles and utilizes this kind of scraps to produce heat at no cost and without noxious emissions. General Fluidi is proud to take part into such in these cutting edge project. The company indeed believes that, nowadays, the true way to innovate is to put the most advanced engineering at the service of the environment, to find solutions that assure the highest performances at zero impact on the planet Earth.