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General Fluidi: Sustainability as an emblem for the future

2012 has been a special year for General Fluidi. The company became more environmentally friendly, it reached its 50 years anniversary and has now established itself as one of the most important hydraulic designers in Italy.

General Fluidi for the environment

The company was founded in 1962, and played a decisive role in the expansion of the hydraulic products for the mechanical engineering industry thereby gaining considerable know-how in the design and manufacture of cylinders and plants.

Over the years the company has made sustainability one of its values, designing each solution with an eye on the environment . To confirm the sensitivity of the company on this point we can cite some of General Fluidi’s recent projects such as the study of the mechanical operations for the M.O.S.E of Venice and the plant developed for Lafer designed to prevent the dispersion of ammonia in the atmosphere.

Another interesting collaboration includes, the project with WRS for the design and construction of machinery for waste triturating and recycling materials. The mechanical elements created would have to not only allow the reuse of industrial wastes but also help to dispose of dangerous wastes like rubber tires.

As with every project, General Fluidi tries to minimize environmental impact, because every detail can make all the difference.