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General Fluidi for Philip Morris

Venetian design meets the tobacco industry

Who hasn't heard of the legendary Philip Morris cigarettes? It is possible that every smoker has tried at least one. Few know, however, that the tobacco presses used to produce these famous cigarettes are made in Italy, though more specifically, Made in General Fluidi.
Cigarette packaging is a highly automated process during which the machines produce up to 20,000 items per minute. The process begins with the creation of a single, long cigarette, called a "rod" inside of which the previously treated tobacco is inserted. General Fluidi conceived and realized a powerful hydraulic system that allows the press to compact enough tobacco thus taking part in a critical step in the entire process of cigarette production.
The procurement was done for Comas Italy, a multi-national tobacco machinery manufacturer based in Silea (Treviso, Italy), Santa Cruz do Sul (Brazil) and Mumbai (India).