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Two stars of legality

General Fluidi has achieved a very important and specific goal, that is the award and achievement of two legality rating stars.

Legality rating is, since 2012, an instrument for Italian companies, for the promotion and introduction of ethical-behavior’s principles in the company context, with the assignation of an evaluation about the companies’ respect of legacy and, more in general, about the grade of attention for the correct management of their own business. For General Fluidi it has been a 5-year-path, with the purpose to concretize and formalize the legitimacy of its work. This goal has generated satisfaction and pride, a commitment that brought the company to be one of the few realities - just 2414 in the Italian territory - awarded. The second Legality rating’s star is not more than the extension of General Fluidi’s awareness: to distinguish, be responsible and aware of actions. To be loyal, operate in the integrity to generate value.

Our Ethic Code

The ethic code is the chart of fundamental rights and duties, in which the company explains its own input and output ethic and social responsibilities. It answers to the company’s necessity to declare on which criteria it wants to operate to balance internal and external stakeholders’ interests.

General Fluidi has decided to join the Confapi Padova Ethical Code, which has the purpose to define and make explicit the set of principles, values and directives, on which politics, strategic lines and behavior of the company and its members have to inspire.

We set, with a high sense of responsibility and moral integrity, the goal to keep contributing to the improvement process of the Italian business, and to the growth of the country in a healthy, responsible and honest way.

Confapi’s ethic Code
To be part of Confapi Padova

Fifty-six years of activity and, for about twenty, General Fluidi has been linked to Confapi Padova; Andrea Tiburli, CEO of the company, has joined the new Board of Directors, which will remain in office until 2022. Confapi Padova is an association of Padua’s little and middle companies, it is non-profit, apolitical and non-denominational, and it inspires on constitutional democratic principles. Everyday Confapi Padova works alongside associated companies: on the one hand, it carries out trade union activities towards public, state and territorial entities and administrations, and many other subjects involved in political, economic, industrial and social relationships; on the other hand, it provides a wide range of services in all the management and staff-training areas.